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Write Your Stories for Future Generations
Write Your Stories for Future Generations

Humans are hardwired to love stories; some of our favorites come from our grandparents. If you’ve ever wished your grandparents had written down their life stories, start writing yours. And if your parents are still around, help them write theirs. It may sound daunting – putting a whole lifetime on paper – but a fresh new crop of books make it easy and fun.

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THE AGING BOOMERS - Managing Your Medications More Effectively

Marypat Habermas is a Doctor of Pharmacy and a Certified Geriatric Pharmacist, Certified MTM pharmacist. She has 20 year history of older adult medication expertise and specializes with older adults, diabetes, fall risk reduction, hospital admission risk reduction and nursing home admission risk reduction. Marypat is a clinical pharmacist who works with older adults to ensure medications are safe, effective, and optimal for individual health.

THE AGING BOOMERS - When to Consider In-home Care

Sherry Picker, MSW is has been working in Elder Care Services for 15 years. Her background includes counseling, support group facilitating, Geriatric Care Management and she currently works in Home Care at Paradise Home Health Care and All the Best (Medicare Agency). She is also a volunteer with the South Palm Beach County Chapter of the National Parkinson Foundation.

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